Sunday, April 27, 2014

April - Divine Mercy Novena and Sunday

  I have been doing the 54 day rosary novena, I am almost done, so I am in the 27 for thanks giving. ( separation of words intentional).  While I have not gotten the job  am praying for - I find the way I think and pray is changing. I spend much more time giving thanks, for Jesus, for Mary, For Joseph, for my family, for God's blessings, than ever before. I know with all my heart that God has a job prepared for me that I will spend the rest of my working life at. I look forward to receiving it  and doing my best for God in it.
   I have also been praying more for the holy souls in purgatory, than even for my job.  I am not sure why I just feel called to do so- so I do. It bothers me that there are souls forgotten that that still suffering there....I hope I can help someone there. I pray for my family, friends and priests  but I also pray for the most forgotten and abandoned souls.  I hurts to think of them with no one to pray for them, so I pray.
   For this month Mom and I did the Divine Mercy Novena. It ended  yesterday and I attended Divine Mercy Ceremonies at St Greg's makes me so thankful that God cares so much about me. How do I ever thank him?