Saturday, January 17, 2015

      So the year has ended. I have grown so much in my spiritual life.  I have learned that I love saying novenas - praying spontaneously is hard for me, but novenas give me a structure that I need.
      I also learned that I love praying for others. Priests are number one on my list to pray for. After that anyone and everyone who asks for my prayer. If you are a priest and want/need prayers - drop me a line on twitter and I will pray for you I am @stitcherdragon on there.
    I am not good at putting fruits of prayer into words, but I feel closer to God, more willing to approach Him in adoration chapels ( something I never would have done before this) and more willing to engage him by talking and tellling him what is on my mind, both the good and the bad. Thanksgivings happen more often than tears- but tears do happen.
     I've learned it's ok, to ask that God show you what he wants you to learn from something, an experience, a person, a tragedy.  Often He will. When he does it's life changing...certainly attitude changing, but it will touch your soul in ways that you can't imagine.
   I have learned that the "communion of Saints" is real, that there are always people willing to lend their support and prayers to one who asks. That those people are sometimes on earth, sometimes in heaven, but they are there- joined with you in prayer, praise and thanksgiving.
    I've learned that when it feels like no-one else is listening, go to Mary, she has a soft spot for the forlorn and abandoned. Her love leads us to her Son and that she is always waiting for us to tell her our troubles--or to our pleas for another.
   I've also learn that I want to spend my life praying and serving priests. I just don't know how to make that happen, yet- where God wants me.
   I just know I trust him to make it happen according to His wishes and in His time.

    In short --I have grown