Sunday, August 24, 2014

August Round Up

Ok, I finished the Novena in solidarity with the Oklahoma Bishop trying to stop the Satamic Mass in his diocese.  It was harder to remeber to say the prayers everyday for some reason than it was to not eat meat and only have 1 full meal and two smaller meals all day. Seriously sad.

This was the one Novena I did this month, but I have started saying several rosaries a day, for various intentions.

1st in Thanksgiving for Father Leon B and Father David R.
2nd For the needs and intentions of Father Leon B and Father David R.
3rd for Bishops Maloney and Kmiec of Buffalo
4th for the 54 day Novena ( if I have one going on)
5 For Fathers David B andTony H,  Jessel G,Brother Michael and Seminarian Bobby
6 For Fathers, Chris F, Father Ambrose, Father Kevin G, and Father Prospero.
If I get farther than that I say one for all Jesuits.

I really am getting to love and be protective of "my" priests.  I guess you love what and whom you pray for.

Thursday, August 7, 2014

Everyone needs to read this letter from a Chaldean Catholic Patriarch in Iraq

Read, Pray, Act.

Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Help a Bishop Fight Evil

The Bishop of OK has asked the people of his diocese fast and pray that the satanic black mass scheduled there be canceled.
 You can here his thoughts here . Or read his words here   Just so we're clear here.

He is asking:

A daily decade of the rosary with the intention that it be stopped
9 days ( August 6-15th 2014) of fast and absitance - no meat or meat products.
and the daily recitation of the St Michael Prayer found here .

I am doing this and the prayers he asked of priests...Hey it can't hurt can it?

Won't you join the fight?

Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Jesuit Resoration Novena.

I have been doing a Novena in honor of the Restoration of the Jesuit Order this week, you can find it here. It is wonderful, beautiful and I hope they leave it up after it ends. I want to re-listen to it later.
   Some might now how much I love the Jesuit Order. Learning about their history has given me so much - Spiritual Superheros for one. I have many Jesuits on my twitter feed, and learn so much from them about Social Justice. Some of my opinions about things have totally changed. Other things I had no opinion on - I do now. And still others - I have found that I totally agree with them from the get go.  I am loving the education and the interaction with them. One in particualr has been a God Send in this, Father Jason Welle, SJ - has really posted a ton of stuff that makes me think, research, read and then re-read what he posted. Amazing. Pray for him if you would, he's such a blessing.
  I also did a Novena to St John Vianney, the Patron of Parish Priests. I prayed it for Father Leon Biernat and Father David Richards. May they be blessed as they bless us who are led by them.
   I have gotten to the point where I am attending Mass most days, and praying several rosaries a day. I start with one in Thanksgiving for Father Leon and Father Dave and then one for their needs and intentions.  I hope they don't mind.
  After that if I am still praying I do another rosary in honor of my "twitter priests" - all the priests I have followed or who  follow me ( or both!) on And then one in honour of the Jesuits. And so forth.
   I enjoy the rosary so much!
   I also am looking to deepen my relationship with God, my prayer life, but the prayer books I was using are just not cutting it at this time.  It feels like I am reading rathering talking with my Father. So again I am turning to my Jesuits. I started with the Jesuit Relations in grad school, and just finished reading St Ignatius of Loyola's autobiography. Now I want more on him, and his spirituality.  Not sure where to go from here tho'.  Gonna have to post to "my" priests.
  What started as a New Year's Resolution has grown into so much more.  I will let you know how this journey progresses.