Sunday, August 24, 2014

August Round Up

Ok, I finished the Novena in solidarity with the Oklahoma Bishop trying to stop the Satamic Mass in his diocese.  It was harder to remeber to say the prayers everyday for some reason than it was to not eat meat and only have 1 full meal and two smaller meals all day. Seriously sad.

This was the one Novena I did this month, but I have started saying several rosaries a day, for various intentions.

1st in Thanksgiving for Father Leon B and Father David R.
2nd For the needs and intentions of Father Leon B and Father David R.
3rd for Bishops Maloney and Kmiec of Buffalo
4th for the 54 day Novena ( if I have one going on)
5 For Fathers David B andTony H,  Jessel G,Brother Michael and Seminarian Bobby
6 For Fathers, Chris F, Father Ambrose, Father Kevin G, and Father Prospero.
If I get farther than that I say one for all Jesuits.

I really am getting to love and be protective of "my" priests.  I guess you love what and whom you pray for.

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