Thursday, October 2, 2014


 This month has been so hard.....I have been doing a 54 day Novena, and the St Theresa Novena.  Or rather I tried the St Theresa Novena.  I went for three days, and two of the three ended with me being physically hurt, because my knees are so bad that I can not use the kneelers. No one else wants to kneel on the floor- this did not end well in a crowded church. Sigh.
 The 54 day Novena, I had a hard time getting started on - but I think I am on track now.
  Part of the issue with the 54 day rosary Novena is that I say at least two rosaries a day anyhow and loose track. I love the Rosary. And I love saying it while I drive.  I offer the first Rosary in Thanksgiving for Father Leon B, Father Dave R, Father Dave B. and Brother Michael B, MIC the second I offer for their needs and intentions. Some days - those are the only intentions I can pray for.  Other days I can pray as many as 6 or 7 Rosaries.

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