Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Novena For Life and a Novena to St Pergrine

 Since the last time I wrote I have completed two more Novena's. One was to St Peregrine - I found it here, at praymorenoveas.com.  When I was looking Novenas for this year. They do a novena a month for specific intentions. Very nice people who email to ask what your intentions are and promise to pray for all - I find this very touching, even if they do have to do it as a group prayer, it's still nice to know someone is praying with me.
  The other one was the Novena for Life - I actually found this on itunes it was put out by the United States Conference of  Catholic Bishops - it was more involved than a classic Novena what with a daily reading, a daily meditation, the prayers and then an act of reparation each but it was also more meaningful in many ways too. I quickly got in the habit of opening the app each day, and looking to see what choices they gave as the acts of reparation ( there were always three choices) and some days it took a lot of thought to choose - some days I wanted to do more than one..but I decided that I can work through them all by praying the Novena two more times.
  Many people would think this would be a depressing thing - but really it was more about healing than about anything depressing.  You can still find it on itunes or here online

I am finding that I really like this method of praying, doing the Novenas  gives a structure to my  prayer life that I lack otherwise. And I really feel I am missing something with out it.

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