Sunday, March 2, 2014

End of the Month - Feb

Lets see, since finishing the Doubting Thomas Novena I've started the St Joseph Novena and the St Charbal Novena. 
  I know next to nothing about St Charbal...but he keeps "popping up" in unexpected places, so I get the impression that I need to be praying to him - so I am. And I am carrying his medal now, along with St Benedict's, and St Thomas Aquinas on my key chain. I have taken to wearing a scapular and on it the miraculous medal and the medal of the Divine Mercy on its strings. 
   In November I started going to the Eucharistic Adorations when I find them, and I love it. Even if I don't always stay on point, so to speak. I usually kneel and pray for a bit, and then sit and read and go back and forth between reading and prayer.  Mainly I pray that I won't be as angry as I have been lately and say "Thank you" to Jesus. 
   I was supposed to pray the St Joseph one this month but I am on day four of the one I just started. I will finish this one and start the one that I am supposed to be doing with mom. 
  We'll see where that goes.  :)


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