Tuesday, March 25, 2014

March Update.

          So I have lost count on this month's Novena. I am still saying the prayer because I love it. I think St Joe will be ok with that. :)
           I am continuing with the 54 day roasary Novena - and loving that also. I did a late night visit to the Eucharistic Adoration at my mom's church. And ended up saying a full 20 decades plus a Divine Mercy rosary while there. I hope that saying rosarys is acceptable in Adoration. I don't know if one has to do the creed and the concluding prayers after each set of mysteries or not, so I did - I can't imagine the Blessed Mother taking offense at too many prayers.
     I finished the St Charbel one and will eventually do another.
      I have joined the adoration group at St Gregory the Great - lovely church and nice group of people. I am beginning to feel at home there.
  Before I started this year of Novena's I would NEVER have thought I would be going to Adoration and being comfortable. Heck I would never have seen myself feeling comfortable in any church - ever.  And I don't really feel comfortable going to services there BUT the adoration chapel is a world unto itself.  A wonderful. peaceful one, where I can cry or pray, or just be with Jesus -and it's ok for me to feel what I feel and give it to Him.
  I see this as progress in my spiritual growth. This is good and I hope I am correct in the progress. :)

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